Thanks for stopping by! We're  Stephanie, Randy, Greysen, and Emmersyn - A family of four self-guided missionaries traveling Canada, sharing our adventures, and serving communities along the way!

How Did We Get Here?

In Spring of 2017, with a seed of wanderlust and a feeling of being lead to location independence, we drastically downsized our belongings and traded in our 1,200 sq. ft. rental home for living full-time in an RV.  We found a fixer-upper fifth wheel, poured into her over the summer months, and moved in.

Though we did it, after just three short months, we had to put our dream on hold. Our circumstances lead us to move temporarily to Ontario, but we would bring our trailer over once we were settled in. Shortly after we made the 5,000km trip, we received word that our trailer developed a major leak in the roof. She was not only unable to make the journey from BC to Ontario, but she was unlivable.

We felt absolutely defeated.

The life we fought so hard for was taken away, just like that. It wasn’t the first, nor would it be the last time we would ultimately feel tested. It seemed every time we thought we were on the right track, we'd hit a road block, every single time.

As the saying goes, we made lemonade out of lemons and used the time we spent in Ontario to begin traveling our beautiful country, and dig deeper into what our journey would become.

Several months went by, we were beginning to feel a little stagnant. Since moving from our 5th wheel in BC, we were waiting for the opportunity to arise that we could return to the RV life! We even spent weekend after weekend throughout the winter & spring searching for our next tiny home on wheels. We were hopeful, and I guess you could say we were giving that whole manifesting thing a shot.

Conclusion? It's just not our time for a cushy RV, not yet... Maybe never? It's taken a lot of time & prayer to be okay with that. To be okay with surrendering and following where our God is leading us. I know in my heart we are meant to be right where we are: packing up our little car and hitting the road for an open-ended road trip across Canada! In all honesty, I'm even more excited knowing there could be nothing less than big adventures on our horizon!

Thank you so much for being here! The support and encouragement means the world to us and we can't wait to do life with you! If you'd like to keep up to date on what this crazy family is up to, we post just about daily on Instagram!



With a big ol' coffee in hand, this mama is typing blog posts, social media updates, and emails, planning adventure itineraries, and connecting with Canadian makers & brands.



Always with new ideas brewing, Randy is the visionary & DIY guy behind our sustainable living efforts, RV renovations, and off grid dreaming!


The Kids

These two cuties are the reason behind it all! Grey & Emmi have an inner compass that leads them to ALL the puddles, they've got wicked pebble skipping skills,  and love reppin' the raddest Canadian gear!

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