18 Gift Ideas for the Adventurer on Your List

Do you have an adventurous, wander-lusting, gypsy soul on your gift giving list? Look no further, here are 18 of my favorite Canadian-made, exploration & nature inspired gifts perfect for giving this Christmas, or any time of year!


Let’s jump right in!


Candle by Hollow Tree

Inspired by years of hiking and tree planting in the Pacific Northwest, Hollow Tree’s hand-poured coconut wax candles are sure to reach the soul of any adventurer. With collection names like “Library of Trees” and “Backpackers Collection,” you’ll be sure to find the perfect candle for the wander-luster on your list! Even their website is full of adventure, go check it out!

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Photo courtesy of Hollow Tree


Blanket by House of Light Goods

These blankets are begging for a cozy mountain adventure! Not only are they great quality and look good, but they’re doing amazing things! “House of Light Goods is a non-profit small business that provides empowered employment to single mothers in Primo Tapia, Mexico and helps bring positive change to vulnerable families and children at risk.”  I’ve been fortunate enough to meet the ladies behind this organization, and they’re the sweetest, and I also got my hands on my very own beautiful blanket!

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Photo courtesy of House of Light Goods


Apparel by Wild Outdoors Club

You’ve heard the saying “dress for success,” right? Well, you also want to dress for adventure! With the tagline “stay wild,” Wild Outdoors Club has you covered, literally! Shop from t-shirts and pullovers to toques, scarves, and even a hatchet! You may have seen the founder, Luke featured in the June issue of Loving Local Magazine, where he chats with me about beginning the company in 2015 with the goal of connecting outdoor enthusiasts. So, while it’s much more than an apparel company, it’s a perfect place to pick up some great gifts!

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Photo courtesy of Wild Outdoors Club



Granola by Fortify Natural Wellness

Snacks! Everyone loves snacks, and they make the perfect stocking stuffer! BUT, these snacks are special! Crafted by two Canadian women studying holistic nutrition, their line of granolas are both delicious and so, so good for you! Unrefined, no preservatives, high in protein, healthy fats, and contain a good supply of complex carbohydrates to support and sustain your body, so you never need to stop exploring! I encourage you to head over to their website to learn more about Katrina and Stephanie’s stories – and of course do some shopping!

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Photo courtesy of Fortify Natural Wellness



Outdoor Gear Vessel by VSSL

Introducing the “world’s most functional flashlight,” and a must-have for any adventure enthusiast!  Not only are these flashlights, but they’re canisters you can build and pack with mini outdoor essential kits including  first aid kids, candles, compass, fire starter kit, and plenty more! Head over to their website to build the vessel perfect for your loved one, and one for yourself of course!

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Photo courtesy of VSSL



Backpack by Lace Brick Design

This brand has quickly become one of my favorites, based near the heart of the Rocky Mountains in Calgary, AB, Lace Brick Design is a brand built for “fearless females who crave the wild.” This backpack in particular, is of course beautiful, and it would make the perfect pack for a day trip with the family – Functional gifts are so in! They also carry a line of every day goods for the mountain girl on your list, go have a peek!

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Photo courtesy of Lace Brick Design



Tree Ornaments by First Growth Reclaimed Design

These unique tree ornaments are crafted from pre-1940’s homes that are being demolished and deconstructed in Vancouver, BC. So cool, right? The owner and maker, Garet saw an opportunity to salvage not only the beautiful first-growth wood being ripped out of neighboring homes, but some of Vancouver’s oldest history. I got my hands on two of these ornaments last year and this year to have as keepsake ornaments for our two littles; I’ve written their names and the years on the back – It’s a unique and special way to pass along a great story!

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Photo courtesy of First Growth Reclaimed Design



Dopp Kit by Watershed Wax Co.

Functional, durable, and water resistant – Three words that are very important to any adventurer! These Dopp Kits, which are perfect for storing small items like toiletries, are the perfect gift idea! Watershed Wax Co. uses waxed canvas and other unique, water resistant textiles to design simple goods that no only look good, but are extremely durable and functional!

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Photo courtesy of Watershed Wax Co.



Natural Deodorant by K’pure Naturals

Deodorant, it’s an everyday item, but I think you’d agree it’s a necessity for the outdoor enthusiasts on your list! This natural deodorant has become a tried and test favorite of mine, even on our biggest adventures! The formula goes on so smoothly and it smells amazing – Grab one for your friends, and one for yourself! If you’ve been on the hunt for a great natural deodorant, here it is, you’re welcome!

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Photo: Loving Local


Easy Soup Mix by Simply Delish Soup & Salads

Okay, these soups are amazing! If you’re on-the-go (and who isn’t these days) it’s a quick crock-pot solution for family dinnertime, AND an easily packed meal for camp! Perfect stocking stuffers for everyone on your list, and your pantry, cause they never get old! I was lucky enough to sit down with Brad, one half of Simply Delish, back in June’s issue of Loving Local Magazine and got a behind the scenes look at the inspiration behind the brand – go have a peek! This adventurous family knows just what you need!

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Photo: Jennifer Audrey Photography for Loving Local Magazine



Home Goods by Danica Design

I recently discovered this brand in an Abbotsford shop, Spruce Collective, and quickly fell in love! Her collections “Hill and Dale,” “Wild Tale,” “Wanderlust,” “Secret Garden,” and “Adventure Awaits” are my favorites! The whimsical illustrations and high quality textiles create perfect goods for gifting! Take a scroll through the website, although take note that you can only find these items for purchase in their stockists shops throughout 9 of our glorious provinces (see a full list on their website).

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Photo courtesy of Danica Studio



Toque by Snuglee Bug Designs

These hand knitted, high quality toques have become a staple in our house! Our two and three year olds want to wear them non-stop, serious, they’ve been through it all and still look like new! Available in baby, toddler/kid, and adult sizes you can easily gift a toque to everyone on your list – plus, I hear this Winter is going to be a doozy!

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Photo: Loving Local


“Raise Me Wild” Pullover by Little Crow Collective

Perfect for the little explorer on your list, Little Crow Collective has been dressing our kids on the daily – And they have adult sizes too! Spread a little inspiration with sayings like “Free as the Flowers,” “Raise me Wild,” and “Be Happy!”  Connect with Carley, she’s super sweet, and start checking off your shopping list!

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Photo: Loving Local



Botanical Bath Goods by Jack & Audrey’s Organics

These Botanical Bath Soaks are not only inspired by nature, they’re made with nature! Sasha, the owner and maker behind Jack & Audrey’s Organics, knows what it takes to make an amazing bath product! Our family has been washing with J & A for years! Connect with Sasha, or attend her open house in Chilliwack on Sunday, December 17th to stock up on gift-able goodies & stocking stuffers!

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Photo: Loving Local


Camp Cloth by Five + Pines

Back in July, I was gifted with a subscription box by Locate the Local, which included one of these multifunctional, eco camp cloths! (read post here) They even take off makeup with just water – Cool, right!? Multifunction is a magic word when it comes to adventures like camping and hiking, less is always more! Find a camp cloth, printed with an inspiring adventure quote, for every explorer on your list!

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Photo: Loving Local


Mountain Wall Hangings by Alpine Design Co.

Okay, what adventurer wouldn’t want a mountainscape handcrafted from wood on their wall? The hubby & wife duo behind Alpine Design Co. are explorers at heart (just look at their Instagram), and recreate the inspiration they get from the outdoors into pieces of art! They offer several different finishes and stains to choose from, so you’ll be sure to find the perfect piece for anyone’s home, including yours!

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Photo: Loving Local


Survival Bracelet by Sunspot Paracord 550

These bracelets are made with long pieces of paracord that can be used in survival situations in the outdoors, AND not only can you use the cord, but ticked inside are first aid supplies, plus the buckle features a fire starter and compass. Stylish and multifunctional (there’s that magic word again!), get connected with Catherine and Tom to get your perfect piece made!

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Photo: Loving Local


Pottery by Piton Pottery

I have a such soft spot for locally handcrafted ceramics; maybe it’s the way it spins to smoothly on the potters wheel, or the feel and imperfections of a finished piece, but I just love it! What could make that love grow a little stronger?… Painted adventure scenes! Coral of Piton Pottery draws from her love of the Pacific Northwest to create everyday pieces that any adventurous soul would also love!

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Photo courtesy of Piton Pottery



Cricket Protein Bars by Coast Protein

You read it right, crickets. These Vancouver made protein bars (essential to any backpack) are made with cricket protein, but don’t worry they’re seriously delicious, trust me! A perfect stocking stuffer with a fun little shock factor will sure to be a memorable (and yummy) gift!

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Photo courtesy of Coast Protein


So, there you have it! Eighteen of my favorite adventure inspired, Canadian-made gifts to give this Christmas, or any time of year! Wishing you a very happy holidays filled with love, laughter, and adventure!!