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We love our Canadian small shops, so we’re very thrilled to be sharing ones we discover and are totally impressed by right here, on the blog! Tune in to get a sneak peek behind a variety of brands created and built right here in Canada! Be inspired by the owners who hustle, and grounded by their real talk – Cause it isn’t all rainbows and butterflies when it comes to being an entrepreneur, but it sure is worth it!



Earlier this year we connected with a brand new Halifax, NS based company, Faire Child because of a mutual love for engaging children in endless adventure. For us, it was creating this opportunity for our own children.  For Tabitha, the creator of Faire Child, it too began at home with her young daughter and a desire for better outdoor gear.  This desire quickly blossomed into a passion for creating outerwear that enabled children everywhere to weather the world! We are very excited to be featuring an interview with Tabitha, as well as a review of the adorably functional garments our wild children (and us) have totally fallen in love with (no joke!).


Upon receiving our goodies from Faire Child, I was immediately impressed! From the environmentally friendly packaging to the colouring sheet and outdoor pocket-book for kids, this company thinks of all the details – and we haven’t even gotten to the gear yet!  We received The Raincoat for Greysen (age 4), The Anorack for Emmersyn (age 2), and The Cap for both kids. They both absolutely love wearing their “adventure gear” as they call it, and surprisingly keep their hats on the entire time!

Our Review

The design and shape of these garments are brilliant! Faire Child, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a future adult line!

The sizing is very comparable to most clothing sizes. We chose a size 5/6 for Greysen, who is tall for his age and wears on average a size 5. The Raincoat fits him perfectly, and with the sleeves being just long enough to flip the cuff, I’m happy knowing he won’t grow out of it too quickly. We chose a size 3/4 for Emmersyn, who is also a little tall for her age (turning 3 in September), and wears on average size 3.  The Anorack fits her a little larger, without being too baggy, and we are able to roll the sleeves a couple of times. Personally, I prefer to begin with a larger fit so we can extend the life of their clothing. With the quality of these garments your children will sooner outgrow them before they ever wear them out!

I can’t say enough about the quality and attention to detail on the garments we received. Each seem is perfectly sewn and heat sealed to be waterproofed. You can feel the quality of the fabric, it’s so durable, yet so soft. The snaps are easy to snap, yet never un-snap on their own. The kids play just as they normally would without their outerwear getting in the way!

Both kids received The (adorable) Cap, a size 3-5 Emmersyn and 5-8 for Greysen. Both fit very well, again just large enough to continue wearing as they grow. The shape of the cap allows it to sit nicely on their heads, and it’s so lightweight that I think they may forget it’s even on there!  The ear flaps fold up, and cover the ears and neck when folded down.

See the full “un-boxing” videos in our Instagram stories here.


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Interview with Tabitha Osler, Creator of Faire Child

Faire Child Makewear is inspired by the joy of a child engaged in the outdoors with total comfort and freedom, coupled with a transformative “Endlessly Reusable” model of environmental and social responsibility in childrens’ apparel. – Faire Child



When did you launch Faire Child?

Faire Child launched in April 2018, although I had been developing and researching the collection for a year prior to that. It took a full year to not only develop my business plan but also to perfect the designs and put systems in place to ensure the outerwear you buy from us is as kind to the planet as it is for children and parents.


What inspired you to create an outerwear line for children?

It all started after I had become a mother and I was looking for outerwear for my own daughter. I wasn’t happy with what I found on the market. The gear that offered performance didn’t suit my aesthetic and the outerwear that did suit my aesthetic wasn’t waterproof or didn’t breathe. I noticed a gap in the market and set out to design a range of well-designed, high functioning gear for kids.


Tell us about the fabric used to create Faire Child garments and what urged you to source such a unique composition.

Before starting Faire Child I worked in luxury women’s wear. I was witness to how wasteful the fashion industry is, especially the luxury fashion industry. I knew it wasn’t sustainable and I wanted to be a positive force for change. Through Faire Child I have been able to marry my mission of doing more good with protecting kids from the elements and providing them with the ability to get outside.

The fabric we use is made from plastic water bottles. For instance, it takes 19 bottles to make this jacket.  Recycled polyester is becoming a more popular fabric but the fabric we use is a bit different from your average recycled polyester. First of all, fabric that lies closest to the skin is extremely soft and very breathable and the outer layer of the fabric is 100% waterproof. The fabric we use is also recyclable. Faire Child outerwear can be sent back to us through our Take Back Program and we recycle it. Textile and clothing waste is becoming a growing problem and our garments do not have to contribute to it.


Since Faire Child garments are made of 100% recycled material and are recyclable themselves, environmental impact must be very important to you. Can you tell us more about why, and how your company is reducing its environmental footprint?

Yes, it is very important to us! This goes back to my past experiences in the fashion industry as well as my own research on fashion’s negative effects on our planet. Currently we are using earth’s resources 1.5 times faster than earth can replenish them. This fact created a shift in my design philosophy. I started to view waste as a resource and had the goal to create a product that never had to end up in a landfill. We also don’t use any of the toxic chemicals usually associated with waterproof gear, which is pretty amazing. Everything, from how our fabric is produced to even the compostable packaging our orders get sent in, has been considered and weighed for its impact on the planet.



Besides being absolutely adorable, what inspired the 1900’s style of garments?

In May 2017 I found my way to the Vintage Showroom in the UK where I was impressed and enamored by vintage workwear patterns from the early 20th century. I took these workwear items which were thoughtfully designed to be worn outside all day long and designed miniature versions of them for today’s modern child to enjoy. Thus, these heritage workwear patterns were transformed into pieces for children to do their most important work in, that is; making and playing.



We love to get to know our Canadian shop owners on a more personal level, tell us three things about yourself that people may not know about you:
  1. My pregnancy craving was chocolate cake dipped in hollandaise sauce
  2. My favourite thing to do is eat buttery popcorn, drink red wine and watch a French New Wave romance
  3. I work best to instrument jazz or classical music


Tell us about your background before starting Faire Child

I spoke a bit already about my years in the fashion industry, but to add to that, I studied Fashion Design at Antwerp Royal Fashion Academy. I also have taught sustainable fashion in universities in both Europe and Canada.


What has been the most valued lesson(s) you’ve learned through your business journey so far?

Don’t make something you want, make something your customer wants. I learnt so much more about my product when I released it and found out what the customer appreciated about it. They were very different from my intentions and with this realization we welcome customer feedback, the positive and more importantly the negative, so that we can continue to develop and improve our product.


What do you enjoy doing to relax & recharge?

I love spending time with my daughter, Charli. She really grounds me and helps me recharge. This summer we holidayed at a family cottage on a lake and I was reminded of how relaxing it is to go for a swim. I’m hoping I can keep it up now that the vacation is over!


What can we expect to see from you over the next few months? One year?

We have some new colour ways that we will be releasing in the coming months that we are excited for. Picking new colour ways is always exciting! I’m also developing a new jacket style that I hope will be ready for 2019.


How has being a Canadian entrepreneur empowered you?

I have been most empowered by the community that has been built around me and Faire Child. I feel very supported by our customers and also by the larger business community. Canadians really do want to support Canadian businesses and that is so great to experience.



A big THANK YOU to Tabitha and her team at Faire Child, we will be forever fans of this company and the people behind it! I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about this Halifax based company I’ve fallen in love with and the adorable garments my children love to wear! If you would like to snag your own items, please use coupon code: TRUENORTH10 to receive 10% your purchase between August 24-Aug 31  – Shop Now –


Disclosure: We partnered with Faire Child and were generously gifted with the above items so that we could share them with you! As always, the thoughts and opinions we share are entirely our own, and the products and experiences we agree to promote align with our family’s interests and lifestyle.