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with owners and sisters, Pippa & Neige
Calgary, Alberta


I’ve been using this deodorant for years, and while I’ve dabbled in other natural deodorant jars, I always come back to routine! With a variety of scents and formulas, there is something for everyone, I would even go as far as saying there is something for each day of the week for everyone! Aside from being made in Canada by a couple rad sisters, one of my favorite things about this company is that they make it really easy to find your perfect deodorant in a couple ways.

First, they offer formulas that are made with beeswax, and without, with baking soda, and without, and even with charcoal, magnesium, and prebiotics like “Superstar” pictured below. If you’e not sure with is the right formula or scent for you, grab one of their sampler packs and choose the ones you’d like to give a try! My personal favorites are Lucy in the Sky, Sweet Jane, and Superstar! You can check them out here.



Now, without further ado, let’s get to know the sister duo behind Routine!

1. Did you begin making natural deodorant with the intention to
sell at first? If not, what prompted you to begin your company, Routine?

Pippa: Neige is the brain child of routine, so over to you!

Neige: Originally, the idea was born out of necessity. I was done with buying deodorants with aluminum and fragrance, as well and spending dollars on natural deodorants that weren’t effective. I’d been making my own natural products including deodorant for a while before my friends and family convinced me to make it available to everyone. The deodorant was something I felt the world needed at the time, so I went for it. After a late night label making session with Pippa, before my first market and her coming to hang out the whole next day at the market, I proposed we do routine together.
Pippa’s a biz whiz. The rest is history!


2. What is your favourite thing about working with your sister?

Pippa: Neige’s continued creativity, she inspires us to not settle and to keep improving. And her cooking, she makes the best meal combinations and makes sure we are well fed while

Neige: Pippa is patient with me. She’s the rock and no matter how rock bottom or dramatic things become, she’s always steady, positive and take things in stride. the yin to my crazy


3. How would you describe each other’s strengths and weaknesses?

Pippa: We are left brain (me) and right brain (Neige). This allows us to naturally divvy up roles based on our strengths, and our weaknesses are made up for by the other person’s
strengths. Neige’s strengths include (but are certainly not limited to!): creativity (she’s the mastermind behind every routine design you’ve seen), aesthetics, and communication (you
just want to hang out with this girl as soon as you meet her!) Her weaknesses include intricate excel spread sheets and sitting at a desk for hours on end reading emails, Neige does her best
work moving!

Neige: What Pippa said! I like doing things in bursts and work best under last minute pressures. Pippa keeps us organized focused, and realistic. I am learning when this is necessary and when to push the limits. Pippa strengths include, focusing, productivity, organizing, politeness and generally being smart. The list goes on! Her weakness is accidentally burning and cutting herself while


4. Imagine yourself when your company was brand new, if you could give yourself any advice, knowing what you know now, what would it be?

Pippa: Trust yourself, you know more than you think.

Neige: Don’t get a puppy when you’ve got 20 deadlines, 30 projects and a never ending


5. How has being an entrepreneur empowered you?

Neige: It feels nice to think I can create things that can better peoples lives!

Pippa: It has allowed me to balance having a busy little family and a successful career.


6. What do you enjoy doing to relax & recharge?

Pippa: When everything feels like it’s falling apart, I just open the door and head outside. Even just taking the girls for a walk to the park is enough to keep me going.

Neige: Doing some self care and baths with new formulations we are creating. Camping is great too. Girlfriend and sister time is a must. Love my GFs and Sisters!!!


7. Tell us 3 things about yourself that people may not know

Pippa: Three? I find one hard enough! Okay: I grew up on a tiny west coast island, have babysat over 75 kids since I was 12 and I used to want to be a paediatric dentist.

Neige: I was a musician in bands for like, EVER! I am really good at random trivia. I have a 15 year old daughter (why tho?!?!)


8. Which deodorant are you currently using?

Pippa: Sweet Jane, but only because we are testing out a new formula… If product testing
didn’t dictate my personal scent, I’d choose A Girl Named Sue!

Neige: Ditto.


9. Where are the must-see / favorite spots in your home city of Calgary?

Pippa: Bowmont Park Pathways

Neige: The douglas fir trail in Edworthy park. Nose hill & Brisebois at the height of spring (Aspen, porcupine and deer). UNDRCARD boxing studio for the old school nooner with Joanna Magik


10.Coffee or tea?

Pippa: Tea, for variety.

Neige: COFFFEEEEE (until it’s time for wine)


11. Reading or Podcasts?

Pippa: Reading

Neige: Books on paper


12.They say entrepreneur’s works 80 hours to avoid working 40 for someone else, how many hours would you say you work in a week?

Pippa: With 1 and 3 year old girls keeping me busy, I’d say I work all day, every day!

Neige: Sometimes it feels like one million hours, but it never feels like enough.


13.Many of us seem to be on a never-ending pursuit of “balance” between our home and business, what’s something you do to try to gain my balance?

Neige: Balance for me comes in waves. Mostly I TRY to go with the flow because if you don’t ride that wave, it’s easy to become resentful. Balance depends on the family as a whole, how many projects I have on the go, how many my husband has and what the kids have on the go. I like momentum though- a rolling stone gathers no moss and things like that.

Pippa: My children are at a day home a couple of days a week – so that when I’m with them I can be present, and when I’m not, I can work at max speed.


14.What can we expect to see from you over the next few months… A year?

Pippa: An introduction to Neige’s newest creations…

Neige: TBA!!!!! (but its about to change some “routines” insert winky face)


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