Made in Canada: Tense Watches Review




Earlier this month I was generously gifted with a “Hampton” wooden watch in zebrawood by buy tadalafil cialis online Tense Wooden Watches. I’ve been wearing it every day since and I’m so excited to share it with you!

I would have never realized that something as simple as wearing a wrist watch could help me to be so much more intentional with my time!

Let me explain…

Do you ever find yourself checking into social media without even realizing? Been there! This was happening to me all too often; I’d reach for my phone to check the time, and BOOM, all of a sudden I’m scrolling aimlessly through hundreds of posts, without a purpose! This watch has allowed me to truly disconnect from the distractions of my smart phone and focus on my family, while still keeping track of time.


This watch is beautiful and even more impressive in person. The 100% reclaimed zebrawood against the black watch face is a style that can coordinate with absolutely anything! The natural, handcrafted wooden look is something I really love about it, and I’m so proud to brag about it when people ask, cause many do!

Tense has been making watches in Canada since 1971! Companies sticking around for that long, especially Canadian companies, is (sadly) almost unheard of these days! Each wrist watch is manufactured by hand in their workshop in Vancouver, British Columbia.

With names like “Pacific,” “Timber,” and “Northwest” this company and their watches have all the true north vibes – and you know we love that!  If you enjoy the uniqueness of handcrafted goods, you can even hop onto their website and design your own watch here.

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Disclaimer: I was generously gifted a watch by Tense Wooden Watches so that I could share it with you.  As always, my opinions are entirely my own and this product aligns with our family lifestyle.

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