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Written by Stephanie Klaver
Styled by Jenna Montroy
Photography by Umbrella Tree Photography


Jack Coffee has been brewing artisanal coffee for a little over one year now but, what makes them so unique is how and where they brew it. Courtney and Miles, the husband and wife team behind the brand, hit the ground running with their pour-over coffee bar system. After brewing their favorite local grounds for their friends and family, they knew that they were on to something different but, more importantly, something they found a passion for.


Soon after being married, this power couple started spending weekends in Vancouver discovering local coffee shops specializing in third-wave coffee. “The third wave of coffee is a movement to produce high-quality coffee and to consider coffee as an artisanal foodstuff, like wine, rather than a commodity.”1 Finding a passion for the craft behind brewing methods and cared-for coffee is how they spent their time away from their day jobs as lifeguards.


Courtney and Miles began building connections with their favorite local craft coffee shops, and when an opportunity presented itself for the duo to purchase equipment and take over the hobby-brand of Jack Coffee, they decided to “put [themselves] out there and cast [their] nets as wide as [they could].”


Positioning themselves as a full-service pour over coffee (and tea) bar has created a unique space for them to not only connect with their clients and coffee lovers but, to also educate them on the difference of third-wave coffees. Offering customizable menu options and the opportunity to learn about the origin, the naturally occurring flavours and artisanal brewing methods are aspects these innovative business owners are very proud of.


At the ages of 21 and 22-years-old, this inspiring young couple was eager to gain momentum in their new business venture and began by meeting with as many event planners and engaged couples as they could.  This persistence and determinations are paying off as Jack Coffee’s “jackalope” stamped cups are gaining recognition throughout the Lower Mainland.


When it comes to ambition, these two have it – Don’t let their young age fool you, they are wise beyond their years. “It’s been a huge learning opportunity, and we’ve been really surprised by the response.” Courtney and Miles are headed toward a bright future as they share some plans for the year ahead. Keep an eye out for their brand new custom roast “Jack Roasters” available as a brew option or in take home bags at events and markets.


If you’re looking to add something unique and interactive for your next event, big or small, connect with Jack Coffee!


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