Tiny Home Tuesday: “Where Do You All Sleep?!”

Immediately after I tell someone that my family of four (and a dog) live full-time in a 200 square foot RV, most commonly their first question is: where do you all sleep?  Understandable.


And my answer is



After all, like most things we do while living in a small space, we do together! My husband and I jokingly call it our “sleep pile,” and if you’ve seen the DreamWorks movie, The Croods, you know what I’m talking about. Co-sleeping, bed sharing, whatever you like to call it, we all sleep in one big, cozy bed – and we love it!

It all started when our first baby was born and like most mothers I was incredibly sleep deprived and craving a better nights’ rest. My husband and I did a lot of research in general when our son was born (first time parents kind of research!), and among all the Google-ing was co-sleeping. We educated ourselves on the risks, benefits, and the safest ways to do it. Once we felt we had all the info, I began to sleep next to my babe in a mattress top co-sleeper (links to a few Canadian-made ones below) and immediately started sleeping better. I was able to nurse him while laying on my side and allow my body to continue to rest throughout the night. Ever since then, it just stuck. Our daughter was born, I did the same thing, and our littles are still sharing the bed with us now.

Currently, our ‘family bed’ is a king sized mattress, and we couldn’t do it any smaller as my husband is 6’7″! It fits perfectly into the bedroom area in our RV, almost wall-to-wall, and creates such a warm, cozy space for us to retreat to at the end of each day.

For those that are a little nervous or totally against co-sleeping, I will say it’s not for everyone, but it works terrifically for others! #NoJudgementHere.  So, if you’re curious to know more about it, I encourage you to do a little research in order make the right decision for you and your family.  If you’d like to chat with me about it, reach out and don’t be afraid to ask, I’d love to offer what I can from our experience with it! If you’re already a bed-sharing family, I’d love to know, what do you enjoy most about it?

Interested in learning more about co-sleepers?
Here are a couple that are made in Canada (cause that’s how we roll!)


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