Unplug & Live the Cabin Life in Lanaudière, Québec



As we made our way into the Lanaudière region of Québec, the landscape turned more rustic, with hills and wilder farmlands stretching from one onto the other.  The trees reaching up into the bright blue sky, the road winding and uncovering a new, beautiful scene after each turn.  Lanaudière is a region in Québec, Canada, stretching from the Saint Lawrence River just north of Montréal toward the Laurentian Mountains, it’s at the foot of Québec’s mountains and a stunning place to unplug and relax.


So if you’re like us, and recharge best by stepping away from distractions and into nature, this place is for you! Below we share our 3-day experience, and even though it was raining most of the time, it made for some special memories, treasured down time, and major cabin love!



Where to Stay

Chalets Lanaudière offers year-round cottages, cabins, and yurts in a beautiful natural environment, with endless outdoor activities available. The resort is located near Rawdon, and one-hour from Montreal so even though it feels like you’re far away from it all, everything you could need is still close by. Chalets Lanaudière is more than just a resort offering unique accommodations though, at the heart of it all is an educational mission camp, Camp Mariste. This camp helps children living in precarious social and economic situations to live an amazing summer. Chalets Lanaudière donates 100% – yes 100% of their profits to support Camp Mariste, a summer camp making kids’ dreams come true, located across Lac Morgan (map here).




We arrived at Chalets Lanaudière and learned that the cabin we would be staying in was a short hike away, so we would park our car and load our belongings into a card provided and walk into our literal getaway cabin.  Just a 5 minute walk, with little ones, we arrived to the Racines cabin (“roots” in English). We opened the door to find a beautifully finished wood interior complete with wood stove and buffalo plaid details. Everything about this little home-away-from-home felt incredibly relaxing.


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The amazing staff at Chalets Lanaudière left a collection of games, books, a telescope and constellation chart, as well as a few locally made goodies for us to enjoy! During our first night, we got settled, stocked up on wood (provided by the Chalet), snuggled up around a campfire, and tried out the telescope. The area is far enough removed from any nearby town that it’s incredibly dark, quiet and absolutely peaceful. So, if you’re looking for unique accommodations on the beautifully rugged side in Ontario, certainly add Chalets Lanaudière  to your list! With their tiny-home like cabins and yurts, you’ll cure the craving to dwell a little differently.



Each morning we woke without an alarm clock, started the wood burning stove, and made a delicious breakfast of pancakes and locally crafted blueberry syrup (gifted by Chalets Lanaudière). We set out each afternoon for a hike on one of the many trails throughout the property – See a map here.  This time of year is incredibly beautiful as the leaves begin to change colour, the air cools, and the trails aren’t busy at all.


View of Lac Morgan, between Chalets Lanaudière and Camp Mariste


We absolutely loved our stay in Lanaudière, Quebec and fell in love with the nature surrounding it. We look forward to exploring more of the area in the future and we highly recommend any family that enjoys the outdoors and cozy cabin vibes book a stay at Chalets Lanaudière!



For more details and information, or for planning your trip to the Lanaudiere region, connect with our friends at Tourisme Lanaudiere & Chalets Lanaudiere:






Disclosure: We were generously hosted by Tourisme Lanaudière and Chalets Lanaudière so that we could share this wonderful experience with you! As always, our opinions are entirely our own and the experiences we participated in align with our family lifestyle.