“Why I Shop Local” with Shana of Life As Wife and Mom

We love to support Canadian-made brands, and we aren’t the only ones! There is an ever-growing community of Canadians proud to support goods made in their home towns, provinces, and country, and we’re very excited to begin shining a spot light on them in guests posts right here!




I’ve been following Shana a Fraser Valley wife, mama, photographer and blogger behind Life as Wife and Mom for a little while now, but it wasn’t until she posted a photo on Instagram showing a collage of business cards she had collected from her local purchases over the past year, that I knew I needed to reach out! “I’m not joking when I consider myself a small shop expert.” Shana writes in her post, and rightfully so, as there are upwards of 50 cards pinned to her bulletin board.

I’m excited for Shana to share her 4 most important reasons behind her decision to shop local, and my hope is that perhaps it inspires you intentionally source more of your goods locally too!




I grew up in a small community in the Fraser Valley where everyone was involved in every aspect of the community. You attended every town event and knew every family. In my adult years after moving away from the farm, I had lost this important aspect of life that I had loved. It was something I desperately tried to find after giving birth to my oldest. How do you find your tribe in the hustle and bustle of today’s society?

A year ago when I began blogging after my new role as a mom of two, I discovered local small shops. In that time to now the boys’ closet is 90% local and I have even made an investment in some core pieces in my wardrobe.


Why do I shop local? 


The Families

Every item/product purchased from a small shop goes directly to their family. Through social media you are able to see exactly how it impacts their day to day lives. It gives me a warm bubbly feeling with every purchase I make.


The Quality

Okay, you know those treasured baby items our grandparents made us when we were born that we are now passing down to our own kids. I have a hand crochet blanket from when I was born that I passed down to my boys, which still looks brand new! This is one of the main reasons I love supporting local handmade! The quality of a product far exceeds those of mass produced items. They become keepsake items that can be hand down generations and after being well loved they still look brand new!  



I know this seems like an odd reason as to why I shop local but I have found it easier to read labels of small shop products. Most body products are only made out of a handful of things, you don’t have to try and decipher your way through the ingredients. It’s easy to see exactly what is in it and in turn you know exactly where it is made, no harmful chemicals. Also buying ethical, sustainable clothing from local brands, I have noticed a huge improvement in our skins, especially my son’s eczema prone skin.


The Community

I never knew how big of a community the local world is. The amazing part is you see each maker supporting other local businesses and they, without hesitation, refer you to other local businesses when you don’t have what they are looking for. Every one of them in turn has created this little community within our community. Every maker I have met at local markets are the sweetest people I have ever met and most give back directly to the community through charities, donating to local fundraisers. I love that they give back and love that you have an opportunity to meet these lovely families making the clothing/products you bring into your home.

Now that I have chosen to source as much as I can locally, I don’t think I will ever shop any other way. By shopping local, I can see exactly where every dollar I spend goes and how that impacts our local economy.




I encourage you to check out Shana’s Guide to Shopping Local for some smart tips to find those local gems!
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